Engraved Rolls

Engraved Rolls

Whether for function, fashion or both, Alliance’s engraved rolls embody the textures and finishes that enhance and enrich your products. Our 25 years of experience manufacturing these engraved rolls gives us the ability to ensure repeatability and reliability.
Patterns we have created for function can be seen in our nonwovens. We can alter a pattern to increase the absorption of a paper towel or the permeability of a filter.
Patterns that are needed for fashion need to be repeatable over time and may need to be altered in the future. Our process allows us to create a digital file of your pattern to ensure pattern repetition and the ability to alter a preexisting pattern to your current desire.
Our siding and decking markets exemplify patterns that need both functionality and fashion features. These functional features could be with the slip and scratch resistance and the fashion can be seen in the wood rings, crosscuts, cathedrals, etc.


Markets ServedWood Grain

Fine Papermetal


Engraving Capabilities

Up to 30-inches in Diameter
Up to 260-inches in Length


Master Tooling

Alliance can stock a hard master tool for your patterns needing to be reengraved frequently. This allows for quick roll turnover and reliable results.