Composite Decking & Siding Embossers

Composite Decking Embossers

Synthetic, man-made decking is based on co-extrusion or plastic materials. Our composite embossers have been designed to create a way to make the decking not only look real but also diminish gloss, enhance traction, and shed water.

Composite Siding Embossers

Our machines feature hydraulically assisted nip pressure, A-C variable speed motors, precision gap controls, and custom machined steel frames. We also employ spherical roller bearings designed for continuous, heavy-duty use.

Markets Served

Decking, siding, fencing, trim
Internals of Composite Decking Embosser
                                                        Internals of Composite Decking Embosser





Roll Layout

Tandem Embosser
Pull Through Embosser
Vertical Embosser
Turret Embosser


Additional Features Available

Roll Cassettes
  • Allows for fast roll changeout
  • Rolls stay in registration
Traversing Base and Roll System