Composite Decking & Siding Embossers

Composite Decking Embossers

Synthetic, man-made decking is based on co-extrusion or plastic materials. Our composite embossers have been designed to create a way to make the decking not only look real but also diminish gloss, enhance traction, and shed water.

Composite Siding Embossers

Our machines feature hydraulically assisted nip pressure, A-C variable speed motors, precision gap controls, and custom machined steel frames. We also employ spherical roller bearings designed for continuous, heavy-duty use.

Markets Served

"h1"Decking, siding, fencing, trim



Roll Layout

Tandem Embosser
Pull Through Embosser
Vertical Embosser
Turret Embosser


Additional Features Available

Roll Cassettes
  • Allows for fast roll changeout
  • Rolls stay in registration
Traversing Base and Roll System