Plastic and Film Embossers

Plastic and Film Embossers

Film and Plastic embossing can be done with a set of matched steel rolls, geared together for top to bottom pattern registration and closed under high pressure.
This form of embossing can also be performed with a single carbon steel roll engraving against a composite backing roll. Our roll bases are made from domestic high carbon forged steel.

Markets Served

Plastic Films (LDPE,HDPE,etc.), Rigid Plastics, Automotive, Printing and Packaging, 
2 Roll Cassette, Tandem Embosser
2 Roll Cassette, Tandem Embosser



Roll Layout

Tandem Embosser
Vertical Embosser
Horizontal Embosser


Additional Features Available

Roll Cassettes
  • Allows for fast roll changeout
  • Rolls stay in registration
Traversing Base and Roll System