Paper Calenders

Paper Calenders

A Calender employs two or more steel rolls that close under pressure to smooth, compress and in some cases partially bond the paper material. They can be employed in an ‘off line’, converting setting or in an integrated production facility. Alliance machines in use today range from over 260” wide to less than 12” wide. Each designed for a specific application.

Markets Served

Medical, Wipes, Building Products, Furniture and Automotive



Skewable Housings
                                                                                Skewable Housings


Calender Designs

  • 50-2500 PLI
  • Widths up to 6.5 meters
  • Heated
  • Independently driven rolls
Vertical Calender
  • Multiple roll configuration
Horizontal Calender
  • Multiple roll configuration

Additional Features Available

Automatic bearing lubrication system
  • PLC and Touchscreen Based System that delivers oil lubrication to each bearing on the calender.
  • Sensors installed in each oil line activate an alarm on the touchscreen when oil is not delivered.
  • System can be installed on any new or existing calenders.
Skewable Housings
  • Compensation for Roll Deflection
  • Maximum versatility of calender – no roll crowning.