Gravure | Applicator

Gravure and Applicator Rolls

The engraving of these cylinders is achieved by a mill method. This method can be done on semi-hard steel, solid copper, or copper plated. In the case of a copper-plated cylinder, the minimum thickness of copper must be approximately .020” or 1.5mm.
Rolls to be mechanically engraved should be specially constructed to withstand the pressures of machine engraving and to maintain the high accuracy required in the printing operations. The chrome-plated on the face of the roller substantially protects against wear and corrosion.






High definition review of Gravure pattern
                                          High definition review of Gravure pattern

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Typical Gravure Patterns

Pyramid cell - Consists of small even cells having the form of an inverted pyramid with a quadrangular base; separated by cell walls of uniform width and height
Quadrangular cell - Also an inverted pyramid but with the point truncated
Tri-helical cell - Consists of diagonal grooved lines
Sphere cell - Consists of small evenly spaced cells having the form of an inverted half-sphere; cell count normally represents the numbers of cells within a square inch