New Metal Embosser for Vinyl Structures!

Alliance Machine & Engraving is proud to announce the installation of a new metal embosser for Vinyl Structures. Alliance Machine & Engraving designed this equipment to impart 100 tons of pressure on a 36-inch wide, high tensile pre-painted galvanized cold roll steel strip. The embosser also can traverse, allowing the client to run in a parallel line or bypass the embosser altogether. The wood grain texture selected allows our client to improve the visual appearance and rigidity of their product.


Vinyl Structures located in Hamptonville, NC is a manufacturer of both steel and wooden prefabricated freestanding barns, sheds, and remote office workspaces.   
Alliance Machine & Engraving, located in Ashland VA, is a manufacturer of embossing equipment for many types of products. They are affiliated with the world-wide Bradbury Group.
If you would like more information about prefabricated barns, sheds, and workspaces, please contact Vinyl Structures at 1(330) 674-1381Metal Embosser