Nylon Sleeve Back-Up Rollers!

Did you know Alliance offers in-house manufacturing of Alliance Sirtres” nylon sleeve back-up rollers, Up to 24-in diameter and 260-in face length?

nylon sleeve


  • Calendering, finishing, and embossing
  • Woven and knitted synthetic and natural fabrics
  • Films, vinyl, coated fabrics, and specialty applications such as holographic films and requiring extra smooth finishes or high-temperature processing
  • Non-wovens calendering and thermo-bonding
  • Paper and Foil Processing


  • High heat resistance
  • Wear-ability - impervious to surface marks from folds, foreign matter, web imperfections, etc.
  • Different material widths can be run without edge marking issues
  • Highly resistant to most common processing chemicals
  • Can be reground several times, including with profile and crown
  • Imparts a smooth, glossy finish to web
  • Can be installed over existing cotton or wool-filled roll base 

Advantages of Purchasing from Alliance:

  • In house fabrication at our main facility, Ashland, VA USA
  • Faster deliveries
  • Less shipping costs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Both staff engineers and technicians available for assistance
  • On-site technical consultations available

At Alliance Machine and Engraving we don’t just manufacture equipment, we provide solutions.