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Alliance Machine and Engraving focuses on the process of applying surface texture to everything from boards used for decking to beer labels.
The Hanover County-based company manufactures metal embossing and engraved hardened steel machinery that applies textures to rollers. It also makes equipment used for processing non-woven fabrics, foil, paper and composite lumbers.
“The universe of texture and how it’s applied is generally off the radar screen for most individuals,” said Bradley Foster, the company’s vice president of sales and business development.
Alliance’s services include machinery installations or Richmond Times Dispatch Articleinstallation supervision, pattern and product development, mechanical evaluations and engineering review, used equipment rebuilding, texture analysis, hydraulic component upgrade, and refurbishment, and motor, drive and control updates.
“Our customers are all manufacturers involved in a continuous process,” Foster said. “Everything we do starts with a roll of some kind.”
Ninety percent of the company’s customers are in the U.S.; the remaining 10 percent are in Canada and Central America.
“The majority of our customers are outside of Virginia,” Foster said. “We only have a handful of customers in the state.”